Universal Watch Protectors

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Protect the crystal of your favorite watch. MYTUFFSTUFF is the perfect solution to keep the most delicate part of your watch perfect as the day you bought it. Our crystal clear scratch resistant watch protective film is unmatched in clarity and durability.

  • Includes 6 scratch resistant watch protectors.
  • Fits watch faces 15 – 55mm in diameter.
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I am overall pleased with the product. Before purchasing be sure to measure the diameter of your watch to ensure it is 30mm protectors that you need. 4 stars now because, they fit my watches, and the protection is sufficient. It’s not the begin and end all of face protection. I am still going to exercise some caution where i swing my hand or fling my watch when its not being worn.
Chris, Amazon
Works as described.
Richard F., Amazon
My Watch crystal ha da number to scartches due to me being very careless with some of the my day to day tasks (playing with children, installing car seats, just being Dad..) I always “knew” I had to protect the watch.. but never remembered to remove the watch.. and would curse each time I scratched the watch face! I finally got the crystal changed, but wanted something to protect the watch face from regular daily tasks. I thought if there are things to protect a smart phone screen.. there has to be something for the watch as well.. a quick search on Amazon found this .. ordered it the same day.. and very happy with the results. Installation was very easy. It looks like there is nothing on the watch face, but you can “see” it if you know what you are looking for. I love the fact that I can now do most day to day stuff and not worry about scratching the watch crystal. The installation instructions are easy to follow and there is a Video that explains how do this easily. Also you get 6 of these in the pack.. so if for some reason you mess up with one.. just use the other way.

I have it on the watch for close to a month now and so far it has held up. There have been a couple of “scratch” incidents.. but the protector seems to have done its job.. I will recommend this to others.

Navin, Amazon
I wrote a similar review for the 25mm size. After looking around, there aren’t a ton of providers for watch face protectors. The reason why I chose this one is because it included 6 protectors for about the same price as one from other vendors. The main difference here was that the shipping was a bit more. But after reading the fine print on the other guarantees, you have to pay shipping costs and return the damaged protector. I would rather get 6 up front than deal with the hassle of paying for shipping and waiting for a replacement from the other warranties.
Jaunts, Amazon
Great product! Not exactly what I expected after opening the package, but after using the product, better than how I thought it would be.
William Salzman, Amazon